History & Milestones

With All Our Hearts is a charity campaign that was created by AEON in 1999 as a one-off charity event to complement the global millennium celebrations. Following its success, AEON made a decision to establish the With All Our Hearts Charity Fund in 2001. This fund was launched during JUSCO Fest, which was held to mark JUSCO’s 17th Anniversary in Malaysia.

In 2004, AEON formed the Malaysian JUSCO Foundation to further the cause of the With All Our Hearts Charity Fund. The foundation was launched by the late DatinPaduka Seri Endon, in conjunction with AEON’s 20th Anniversary celebration.In 2010, as reflection of its greater commitment, the “With All Our Heart” Malaysian AEON Foundation was formed. The setting up of the Foundation gained more recognition and support from all AEON entities and partners.

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  • Basic Education Support (BEST) to selected schools in Sarawak & Perak
  • Medical support
  • Disaster support – Malaysian Flood Relief Effort / Typhoon Haiyan Philippines Relief
  • Festive celebrations and donations to selected homes
  • JalinanKasih
  • Outings during the school holiday

Project initiated based on mission of the Foundation.

BEST Project:
To give the children the opportunity to discover their self-worth and develop their fullest potential and that they may live fuller, more meaningful for future.

Medical support, Disaster support, BEST Project:
To provide financial aid to those with greatest needs such as education, living environment or medical assistance and to provide activity-based resources that will help guide them away from social ills.

Festive celebrations, JalinanKasih, Outings:
To be continuously involved in events for the benefit of all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion and creed especially children.

At this moment, we do not have any champions. The donations for such bodies are one time off. We truly spread our donations to whole nation.

We have various methods to collect funds for these initiatives such as through our Charity Gala Dinner, the sales collaboration with suppliers/business partner, our coin box collections at AEON Mall, AEON Stores, AEON Big & AEON Credit Services. These donations are collected from the public.

Basic Education Support (BEST)

BEST stands for Basic Education Support, and was introduced in 2012 to provide basic education needs for school children. With BEST, we believe that in transforming a child’s education environment, we are able to transform their lives for a better future

Besides having good teachers and a proper education program, the learning environment also plays a vital role in improving students’ active participation and the effectiveness of teaching. A proper learning environment includes the physical condition of the schools such as the arrangement and layout, hygiene, and management and use of learning resources. This is what we plan to achieve with these schools with BEST Project.

Approximately RM430,000 was invested in the below schools. SekolahKebangsaanSerabak, SekolahKebangsaanPedaunBawah and SekolahKebangsaanTembawang in Bau, Sarawak

Approximately RM180,000 was invested in the below schools. SekolahKebangsaanBatuTujuh, SekolahKebangsaanBatu 14 in Tapah, and SekolahKebangsaanPosDipang in Kampar, Perak

Approximately RM320,000 was invested in the below schools. SekolahKebangsaanKalai, SekolahKebangsaanLegeh in Jeli, SekolahKebangsaanSokor in Tanah Merah and SekolahJenisKebangsaanCinaPoyHwa in Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

These schools were selected by the Ministry of Education to help improve the facilities which would help provide a better learning environment for the students.

SekolahKebangsaanSerabak, Sarawak:
A new library was built with a proper automation system, additional books were provided and equipment’s such as computers, printers and copy machines were provided. Additionally, we also furnished the library for a more conducive environment.

SekolahKebangsaanPeduanBwah, Sawarak:
Classrooms and canteens were renovated and provided carpeting and furniture’s. Apart from that, a play area was also created by cementing the existing bare sandy lot.

SekolahKebangsaanBatu 14, Perak:
The school canteen was given a facelift with a new structure, tables and chairs.

SekolahKebangsaanSokor, Tanah Merah Kelantan:
We refurbished the computer lab room, audio visual room and library into a new look and feel. In addition, MAF also donated computers, tables, chairs, book shelves for the computer lab and the library.

The Ministry of Education helped in the refurbishment in this school after struck by the flood disaster.

Disaster Support

Malaysian Flood Relief

  • MAF donated RM120,000 and RM100,000 worth of food and non-food items to the flood victims in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia in 2013 and 2014 respectively.
  • The donated items included medicine, groceries, blankets and toiletries to help people affected by flooding at the East Coast.
  • Staff from AEON CO. (M) Bhd., AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd., AEON Delight (M) Sdn. Bhd. and AEON BIG (M) Sdn. Bhd. also worked with TenteraUdaraDiraja Malaysia (TUDM) to pack the relief items at the TUDM Air Force Military Base in Subang.

Typhoon Haiyan Philippines Relief

  • Raised RM100,000 between 15 November – 1 December 2013 from shoppers, business partners . Donation boxes were placed at all AEON stores and our entities.
  • The donation was presented to Mercy Malaysia.

Gaza War Victims

  • MAF raised and donated a total amount of RM150,000 to Mercy Malaysia from a month’s donation drive in August.

We do not select the disaster we would like to be part of; it is our responsibility to the community to help.

Festive Celebration

For all the main festival in Malaysia – Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas, MAF selects a home to sponsor and bring cheers to. With that being said, we take the children out on a shopping trip to our malls to buy new outfits for the festive season. We also donate food and cooking necessities for the selected homes.

For Hari Raya, besides donating new clothes and daily necessities item, we also held break fasting with the children.

During the recent Chinese New Year celebration, we brought 120 children from Ti-Ratana Welfare Society to shop for their new clothes at AEON Quill City on 7th February. The residents of the home was then delighted with lunch session at the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society and angpow giveaway.

Besides Ti-Ratana Welfare Society in Kuala Lumpur, we visited 70 senior citizens at the Calvary Home in Johor for donation of daily necessities, angpow and mandarin oranges giveaway on 10th February.

We select the homes based on area and numbers of residents.