Outreach Projects

Orang Asli Project "Lights Up Life"

Malaysian AEON Foundation (MAF) had initiated an Orang Asli Project, called “Lights Up Life”. This was a 2 days hands on project. On Day 1, a group of 38 volunteers, gathered to build 60 sets of solar panel lights, with the support of experienced engineers.   The volunteers include AEON CO. (M) BHD. team, AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad team and University Students.  After a day of DIY work, volunteers gathered again the next at 7.00am to depart to Kampung Dayok, Orang Asli village at Cameron Highlands with the complete Solar Panel lights.

The journey involved transfer from buses to 4-Wheels drives, entering into the jungle, going through mountains and river, before arrived to the village at 2pm. Without further delay, volunteers immediately set up the solar panels installation with the help of the residents. The village occupy with 40 families.  Upon completion, while waiting for sun set to ensure all the panels’ work, volunteers spent some time playing with the children, getting connected to the residents and MAF also presented grocery bags with daily necessities to all families.

Once the sun comes down, and all the lights and lighted, volunteers felt a sense of fulfilling and satisfying, knowing that, the children can know play safely and the residents can walk around at night. Despite a tiring two days, volunteers left the village knowing, they have make a difference to their life that day. All this is made possible with AEON Group customers’ generous donations and we are sincerely grateful and thankful for that.